2014 Calendar of Events

Please note that Northwest Classic Boat Club has a new events policy for 2014:

We no longer restrict on-the-water events to members only--they are now open to any boater who agrees to the club's liability-waiver policy.  So, effective January 1, 2013, non-members are warmly invited to attend with their own boats, or ride along with members aboard their boats, as long as everyone understands clearly that they are "on their own" in liability terms. If you have questions, please ask Joe Johanesen by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are now working on the 2014 Calendar of Events

January 4th Lunch at Ivars, at the north end of Lake Union.
We will meet up at Ivars at (time to be announced). You order at the window or we gather inside, where we can talk boats and eat chowder, salmon or whatever members want.
No Coordinator but a event topic on the Forum for discussion is available.

February (date?) LeMay Auto Museum or Hydro. More of a description on this event will come.
Ingvar Carlson will Coordinate this event.

March 9th is the Snohomish River cruise
This is getting to be a popular event. We will explore upstream in the Snohomish River.
No coordinator at this point.

April To be Announced
This might be a shakedown cruise  and a Snohomish River run together. This will help members find possible issues in getting ready for
the season.
Greg James will coordinate this event.

May 5th is Seattle's Opening Day Parade
This is something that we have done in the past and enjoyed. If anyone has interest in this one, look on the forum for the topic of Opening Day Parade
in the Events Discussion area.
No coordinator at this point.

June 21 San Juan Cruise.
This event can be a one- or two-day event depending on the weather at the time of the event. We have always had a good time on this event, lots to see.
Lowell Lorenz will be your coordinator on this event.

July 26 is our Baker Lake outing. Discription to follow soon.
Brian Flaherty will be your coordinator on this event.

August 9th is the LaConnor Classic Car and Boat Show.
This event brings out a lot of people to enjoy the Cars and Boats. Skagit boats were built in this small northwest town so they are more than welcome.
Clint Stroebel

September 6th South Sound event.
This will be around the Tacoma area and might even take in docking at some of the local points of interest.
This event will start just around 11am due to the tides.
Richard Amberson and Ingvar Carlson will coordinate this event.
September 20th at Mason Lake with the ACBS boats with Brian Flaherty coordinating this one.

October Events to be announced.

November 15th is our Annual Event
This is our Annual get together for an update on theclub's finances as well as planning the next year's events.
Mike and Judy Kronick host this event for us in their clubhouse. We will have pizza, coffee and cookies available.
We also put out a donation can and hope that all that attend donate something to the kitty.

After this event, its getting ready for the Holidays. Well, there are a few of us still working on boat projects as that is what some of us live for.
Make sure to have a safe and happy holiday from all at Northwest Classic Boat Club.