At this point all we have is Zazzle (which I myself are not too fond of, We were supposed to be getting a percentage of the sales...We have yet to see a cent from those people.)

The plan is to use some of our funds to have some products on hand that can be sold at cost or darn close to it plus the shipping. Some of those items might be cups with our logo on it (yeah, I know, not everyone drinks Coffee, good, great, fine, then use it as a pencil holder :-) maybe some shirts, hats and burgees. We have Burgees in stock now for $20.00 each. More of this is to come in time.

So, Burgees at $20.00 each we have and that just about covers out costs.

More of this is to come in time.

 The club does not benefit in any way from your purchase from the Island Boat Shop, but they have some cool products. I bought my BellBoy 21 mug there.